WhatDROID Explodes Your
Marketing Reach & Helps You Get
Better Results

Schedule Your Marketing Messages

Message Without Adding
To Contacts

Filter & Identify Valid Whatsapp Numbers

WhatDROID Gives You The Most Powerful
& Easy Method To Connect With Your
Target Customers

WhatDROID Gives You The Most Powerful & Easy Method To Connect With Your
Target Customers

Desktop application works on your computer or your VPS server (Windows)
Privacy & Spam compliant. Only 1-1 messaging from your IP and your account.
Post one message 1-1 to all contacts on automation. No need to endlessly copy and paste.
Human-touch technology automatically puts random gaps between sequences and messages.
Collect leads from your contact book and groups that you are a part of.
Create triggers and respond to message inputs with auto replies.
Put in any number set and identify valid Whatsapp enabled numbers in seconds.
Get benefits of direct marketing and 98% open rates.
Send offers, coupons, promos and engage your leads locally or globally.
Powerful Whatsapp marketing training included.
Reach any lead or prospect directly and instantly.
Full automation for Whatsapp marketing. Set up and forget.
Create message broadcasts and sequences with hands-free automation.
Save your time and effort. Get more done and reach more people on Whatsapp.
Automate multiple accounts and phone numbers easily.
Schedule messages to individuals as well as groups.
100% legitimate apps uses Whatsapp web browser automation to run your automation tasks.
Export and import your leads using CSV format.
Send attachments featuring videos, audio, images, animated GIFs and text.
Easy to use interface that you master fast
Free automatic upgrades for 1-year

You Need More Free Time & Better Marketing.
Let WhatDROID Help You


I am Cyril “Jeet” Gupta and I have been creating products for nearly 20 years now. I’ve sold products at every price point. Right from consumer end $5 products to high-value products worth thousands of dollars.

And I have used every online selling method. Ads, emails, opt-ins, promos, affiliates, media. You name it!

My biggest lesson in marketing is that there is no replacement for direct customer reach out. In fact, I have made more sales and more money by reaching out and selling to my buyers directly than by any other method.

One of the best methods to reach any person directly is through Whatsapp. There are over 2 billion people on Whatsapp right now and they have their phone next to them virtually all the time with their attention to Whatsapp.

That’s why Whatsapp has bigger reach and a bigger impact than any other messaging platform on the market.

People are on Whatsapp and they are reading every message. According to surveys, Whatsapp has nearly 98% open rate. That’s higher than any other messaging system!

So, if you want to sell to your audience one-to-one, this is the platform you need.

WhatDROID Gives You Direct Access To
An Audience Of 2 Billion People
All Over The World

You Need To Reach Your Customers With Near 100% Effectiveness

Whatsapp is the most preferred communication platform for the world right now. People pay attention to Whatsapp, so much that they read Whatsapp messages more than any other messenger communication. More than email and more than SMS.

When you reach out to your customer using Whatsapp, you know that your message went through. You know you reached your client with maximum impact.

WhatDROID is the only app that gives you the capability to market using Whatsapp effectively without going crazy typing, copying and pasting.

With WhatDROID’s automation you can get the same results from 100 leads that others get from 1,000.

So if you are a small business or a solopreneur, this is something you need to adopt right now.

You Can Sell Any Product Or Service Directly To Customers

WhatDROID can give you access to the most flexible traffic on the Internet. Promote any product or service you want.

If you are selling consumer products like T-shirts, mugs, tools, handicraft items, souvenirs to even food products. Whatsapp can be used to sell anything.

It can also be used to promote any kind of services including healthcare, home-assistance, marketing, website designing, SEO or absolutely anything else you want.

You can sell items of any ticket size, ranging from a 10 dollars to a few hundred dollars, send payment links right within Whatsapp or drive traffic to any site you want.

WhatDROID makes incredible things possible.

Engage your prospects with any media type

Unlike SMS or Email, WhatDROID opens up your messaging to any media type you want.






Long format messages

WhatDROID will let you use any message type and engage your customers with maximum effectiveness every time.

WhatDROID Automation Can Work For You No Matter What Niche You Are In


Real Estate Brokers


Financial & Insurance Marketers

Product Marketers

SEO Providers

Hand-made Goods Sellers

Trainers & Coaches

Speciality Foods Sellers

Clothing & Apparel

Home Improvement


Restaurants & Bars


Website Makers


Affiliate Marketers


If you are working in any of these or similar niches and not using Whatsapp automation already, then you are giving your competition an opportunity to walk in and establish a rapport with your customer before you do.

WhatDROID is the perfect way to connect with your customers and warm a lead into a customer.

So if you want to establish that direct relationship with your customers and get them buying again and again, then WhatDROID is the perfect customer engagement system you have.


Powerful Automation For Whatsapp Messenger

Powerful Automation Made Easy

Schedule and automate your complete Whatsapp marketing easily.

Breakthrough Features & Capabilities

WhatDROID gives you features that no other similar application has.

100% Legitimate Automation System

WhatDROID uses browser automation with Whatsapp Web to give you 100% legitimate automation.

WhatDROID Can Help You Get Fresh & Repeat Sales For Any Business

Engage fresh buyers with 98% effectiveness

Send any media type including audio, video, documents

Send offers, coupons, promotions

Drive traffic to any website or offer

Send payment links right inside the messenger

Start off conversations with target customers

Answer marketing questions 1 to 1

Promote any product or service effectively

Turn perfect strangers into loyal customers

Do All This & More With 100% Automation

See WhatDROID In Action

  • Schedule & automate your entire marketing

  • Powerful & Easy Automation System

  • Engage customers on a personal level

See What Our Customers & Users Say About

Keith Scheafer

It's an absolute gamechanger I always struggled trying to get a message to my whatsapp lists thats over now, awesome product!

Sanjay Banerjee

WhatDROID is a tool, which even a kid can use.
It is a must, if you have any Business of your own.

Iwan Trisna

Get stuck with email marketing that only bring result for 10% open rate and pay monthly, or spend a lot of money of money on online ads that bring only traffic without buyers. WhatDROID is something I've wanted for a long time, thanks Cyril for bringing us solution

Kurt Stockhausen

Being able to get to the inbox and almost guaranteeing that they will open the message is a game changer. This will be a huge time and money saver, while increasing the effectiveness of any marketing campaign.

Michel Meri

WhatDROID is a powerful, easy-to-use tool. It will inevitably take my business to the next level. I will also have a clear advantage over all my competitors who would not use WhatDRIOD.

Your Customers Will Hear From You, Or From Your Competition Using WhatDROID

Who is it going to be?

WhatDROID is the best way to talk to people right now and you can bet that your customers will hear from someone who will use it.

Is it going to be you or your competition?

Don’t leave your business open to hostile competition. Don’t leave your prospective customers untapped. Get WhatDROID today, it will unlock the best direct marketing opportunity for your business that you will have all year.

Whatsapp Marketing Is The Most Powerful Direct Outreach System Today


That’s the average open rate for Whatsapp messages received.

2 Billion

That’s the total number of individual Whatsapp users in the world today.

65 Billion

That’s the number of Whatsapp messages sent every day.


Of all Whatsapp users, use it at least once a day.

18-49 Years

Over 80% of Whatsapp users are in this age bracket.

5 Million Businesses

Use Whatsapp for business every day.

Whatsapp Is The Fastest Growing Sales Platform For Small Vendors & Home Marketers

Whatsapp selling is a phenomenon that is changing lives the world over. There are literally millions of vendors around the world who are selling things on Whatsapp.

From home based moms promoting clothing, handicrafts, decor items, beauty services and even food to outlets and service businesses, they are all using Whatsapp to reach their buyer crowd.

Small businesses like selling on Whatsapp because they can sell easily and directly without creating any e-commerce website, learning any tech skills or maintaining IT infrastructure.

WhatDROID makes business easier for marketers who want to sell on Whatsapp at any level.

With Whatsapp Payments, Whatsapp Is Ready For Sales

With Whatsapp payments already launched in multiple countries, it’s not easier than even for small time marketers to sell.

You can send your customers payment links and get paid right inside of Whatsapp.

WhatDROID makes it insanely easy to broadcast your offers and your payment links to all your buyer crowd. Just click a button, schedule or send a message. Marketing automation is super easy with WhatDROID

Grab WhatDROID During This Sale & Do Your Marketing Without Running A Hefty Bill

WhatDROID is the easiest Whatsapp messenger automation platform for small businesses. Actually, it’s the only viable solution for small businesses and home based sellers.

Other Whatsapp platforms often do not accept small businesses at all, or even if they do, they bring you this sort of automation at a very hefty cost.

Grab WhatDROID now during this special sale and you will save as much as 90% on what you could end up paying if you fail to act today.

Save 90% by getting WhatDROID right now.

Here Are Some Alternatives To WhatDROID That Will Make You Pay 9x Or More!

Whatsapp Tools Platforms Price Result
Special Launch Deal Pay 90% Less
Wali.Chat $69.9 / Month Pay 90% Less
Waamit $547 Pay 90% More
Woztell $179 / Month Pay 200% More
Messagebird $150 / Month Pay 180% More
Whatsapp Tools Platforms Price Result
Special Launch Deal Pay 90% Less
Wali.Chat $69.9 / Month Pay 90% Less
Waamit $547 Pay 90% More
Woztell $179 / Month Pay 200% More
Messagebird $150 / Month Pay 180% More

Choose The Right Option For Yourself

Waits & send his or her customer to the competition

Gets WhatDroid and turns leads into customers easier

You Can’t Afford To Ignore The Power Of Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp is the most reliable way of reaching anyone right now. All other messages including Email and SMS can be ignored, but Whatsapp messages are never ignored. Slide into someone’s Whatsapp DMs and you get better returns than anything else.

Get More Success With A Small List

Typical open rates on email is 10%. On Whatsapp it’s 98%. You can get the same results from 100 whatsapp messages sent that you will get with over 1,000 emails. So if you are a small marketer, it’s no brainer what you should focus on.

The Most Used Marketing Platforms

Even without automation, Whatsapp is the most popular marketing platform out there. Right after Email and telephone, it’s the most popular business communication platform.

There are literally millions of small businesses who are using Whatsapp to sell. If you are not using it to drive your business growth, you are limiting it and leaving a space open for your competition.

The Biggest Reach Of All Messengers

With an audience size of 2 billion and growing, Whatsapp is the most popular messenger application in the world. Nearly every single customer that you have is on Whatsapp.

With a marketing platform of that reach, you need to do everything to make sure that you deliver your message with the best possible impact.

WhatDROID Makes Automation A Painless & Safe Experience

Easy to use app that anyone can master in an hour

WhatDROID has a super easy interface and you will be able to master all its functions in less than an hour.

No need to go through giant manuals or sit through complicated learning material. WhatDROID is intuitive and everything is right in front of you. It’s perfect for business and is designed to use by marketers.

100% Legit Browser Based Automation

WhatDROID does not use any shady hacks to automate. It is based on browser automation of Whatsapp Web and gives you legitimate automation on your own computer.

Your account is protected because all messaging flows only from your own computer, from your own instance of Whatsapp Web.

In-Built Throttling & Human Conditioning

WhatDROID is designed for automation not spam, and has in-built throttling that prevents you from spam-like behavior.

Switch on WhatDROID automation with peace of mind. It will automate only to the level that mimics a real human being and just free up your time for anything you want to do with it.

WhatDROID is designed by marketers who care for you. Your business performance is our prime concern.

Create Communication Messages That Get You Real Results & Real Sales

WhatDROID gives you all the features you need to reach your target audience with maximum effectiveness. Utilize every media form that you need in order to convert your prospects into buyers again and again.

Schedule 1-1 Messages & Broadcasts

WhatDROID frees up your time by letting you schedule messages and broadcasts for any date or time.

Just run WhatDROID, schedule your message and you are free to carry on with your day. No need to constantly type out messages or endlessly copy and paste to people all day.

Message Numbers Without Adding Them

No need to add a number to your contacts to message it. WhatDROID makes it possible to instantly message any Whatsapp number. Just feed it in and you are ready to message.

This is great for prospecting or reaching out to fresh customers. You can 10x your performance with WhatDROID than manually.

Create Contact Lists & Broadcast To All Of Them

WhatDROID lets you create contact lists that you can message with just a button click. Each contact is messaged individually just as you would message them one by one.

Get all the benefits of a personal reach out without the effort.

Get Perfect Delivery & Inboxing With WhatDROID

Get 100% Inboxing & 98% Open Rates

People are paying attention to Whatsapp and when you use WhatDROID to automate your Whatsapp marketing you get the same benefits.

Every message you send will inbox and open rates on Whatsapp are a huge 98%. Every message will be read!

Send With Multiple Accounts / Numbers

Got multiple businesses to manage or multiple identities? No problems. WhatDROID can handle multiple accounts even on the same computer.

You can send with any account you want. Just log in and WhatDROID will take over.

Track Conversions On Your Phone

Customer replies and responses are received directly by you, so you can continue to engage, answer questions or close sales easily.

Let WhatDROID spark off a conversation and continue it yourself to get every sale.

Get The Maximum RoI From Every Single Lead

Sell & Sell Again With Maximum Effectiveness

With WhatDROID you can not only prospect your customers, introduce your business, but you can also promote your offers to your existing customers.

Send information about new products, coupons, sale schedules and promote your existing products for amazing results.

Create Message Templates & Send On Triggers

Create your message templates with Menus, Catalogs and any other information you want.

Send the information automatically to new leads using WhatDROID or circulate them on a schedule to your customers.

Put In Your Payment Buttons Direct In Chat

Want to get paid? WhatDROID gives you the complete capabilities of Whatsapp messenger. Send links to your payments page, or even direct payment links right inside chat easily.

Make Your Marketing As Individual As Your Customers

Personalize Your Messages Easily

WhatDROID supports personalization with tags like {name}, {firstname} so that every message you send out will be 100% personal and directed.

Improve your engagement, make better connections and make your customers and prospects feel you really care for them.

Save Time & Effort With Snippets

With support for snippets you don’t need to retype commonly used message segments. Just plugin your Snippet and WhatDROID will automatically replace it with the snippet text.

Craft effective marketing messages easily.

Make Every Message Unique With Spintext

WhatDROID also supports Spintext.

Make every message 100% unique and avoid triggering Whatsapp spam filters.

When you send out unique messages there is a far lower chance of being considered spam by Whatsapp filters and your account has stronger protection.

Get Better Engagement & Response With Communication That Leaves An Impact

Full Support For Formatting & Emojis

WhatDROID supports Whatsapp compatible text formatting, as well as has full support for Emojis so that you can craft messages that look unique, engage your viewer and get you a better response every time.

Supports PDFs, Docs & Attachments

Need to send Menus or catalogs? No problems! WhatDROID lets you send files of any type including PDFs, Word Documents or other doc files to your recipients.

Send Videos, Images, 3D Shoots, GIFs Etc

Send video ads, image ads, 3D photographs, GIFs and more to give your customers a complete experience.

With multimedia, your customers will be able to see your offer and your product better and make a purchase decision faster.

Run Multiple Campaigns

Turn Every Product Or Service You Have Into An Effective Direct Outreach Campaign

Run Multiple Campaigns For Any Product or Service

WhatDROID lets you create multiple campaigns even for a single product. Sell your services using multiple pitches and find out which one works best.

Run Campaigns For Your Clients Too

Got clients who could benefit from cold email marketing?

Run their campaigns on WhatDROID and charge them per lead or per sale.

Set & Forget Your Outreach Campaigns
With WhatDROID

Step 1

Set it Up!

Create your campaign in WhatDROID

Step 2

Turn it on!

Switch on the campaign and let the messages go out.

Step 3

Get The Sales!

Watch the sales messages pour in as your customers respond.

So Easy You’ll Have Your First Campaigns Going On Day 1

Powerful Dashboard

See a bird’s eye view of all your messages. Keep an eye on your campaigns.

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast messages to a set of numbers or even to groups that you are a part of.

Set Up Collections

Create Collections of numbers according to topics or subjects and message everyone at once.

Verify your leads

Put in any numbers and extract only Whatsapp active numbers from that list.

Schedule Messages For Later

Schedule messages to go out at any time you want with powerful scheduling features.

Export & Import Using CSV

Export your addressbooks to CSV or import fresh numbers along with customer data using CSV easily.

Send Attachments & Multimedia

Send videos, audio, images, file attachments or any other type of documents.

Detailed Reports & Analytics

Keep an eye on everything that happens in one place.

Stop Letting Other People Beat You To Profitable Marketing Opportunities

  • Stop being the last guy to capitalize on a sales-making trend.

  • Stop wasting all your time trying to respond or reach customers manually.

  • Stop letting your competitors take away your customers again and again by being the first to connect.

  • Stop losing touch with the customer after the first time instead of selling again and again.

  • Stop using only low-impact marketing methods that give you a lower return on investments.

  • Stop worrying about how you are going to compete against bigger, more entrenched competitors.

Start Turning Every Lead Into A Buyer

  • Start reaching your customers with 98% open rates and insane click rates.

  • Start outselling your competition even if you have a much smaller list or set or customers than them.

  • Start saving your time and investing it in things you enjoy doing more than client communications.

  • Start talking to and converting customers even if you are not on the computer or the phone.

  • Start converting leads into customers with a bigger impact thanks to multimedia marketing.

  • Start doing messenger marketing in a safe and organic way that protects your account and your business.

Limited Time Offer! : Commercial
License Upgrade

Unlock Recurring Earnings By Running Messenger
Campaigns For Other Businesses

Get WhatDROID in the special sale today and we will add a Commercial license to your purchase.

WhatDROID commercial license authorizes you to run Whatsapp marketing campaigns for other businesses and charge a one-time or recurring fee from them.

You get everything you need to set up amazing campaigns for local or online businesses and charge them for it.

This can be your biggest business this year. Just think about the size of the potential market and the popularity of email marketing. You are going to land premium paying clients month after month!

Whatsapp messenger marketing is high in demand and you can find customers easily online on sites like fiverr, freelancer, upwork etc.

Whatsapp Messenger marketing is a high paying niche and people are charging 100s of dollars for just one campaign. With WhatDROID helping you build affordable campaigns, you can dominate this market and rake in clients by the dozen.

Create a powerful recurring with clients who pay month after month

6 Powerful Ways
To Get Sales With WhatDROID
Commercial Rights

Run messenger marketing campaigns for businesses at a per lead cost

Book calls and appointments with prospects for others and charge per call

Warm up leads in a niche and sell the leads to businesses in that niche

Pick a product and promote it to leads using Whatsapp and earn a commission

Create ready messenger campaigns for a niche and sell it to multiple businesses

Charge a monthly retainer to manage Whatsapp messenger marketing campaigns for a business

Limited Time Offer #2

Get WhatDROID & We’ll Also Give You The Training To Maximize Your Sales

Tools are fantastic but tools + knowing how to use them is SUPERB!

Buy WhatDROID today and we will also give you the powerful video course that we have created to help marketers like you grab the maximum sales and profits from Whatsapp marketing.

Use the software, learn the training and you’ll get 3x or 4x the results from WhatDROID .

Make use of this limited time offer and grab WhatDROID because the training is going to be a paid add-on not long from now.

Built by a top marketer, this comprehensive video training starts from scratch, guiding you through the principles of using Whatsapp to get traffic that converts.

The worth of this training alone is more than what we’re asking for the software + training.

Don’t miss the opportunity to revolutionize your business performance.

Limited Time Offer #3

Access To 50 Readymade Ice-Breaking Marketing Messages To Give You A Quick Start

Want to make a great campaign? You need a roadmap

Get WhatDROID now and we will give you a ready-made messages that you can use as a starter. Just replace the product and the pitch with your niche and you will have a powerful cold messenger marketing messages set up in no time.

These readymade messages can save you 100s of dollars in copywriting and days in brainstorming.

Get WhatDROID with everything in-built right now.

Limited Time Offer #4

Whatsapp Graphics Pack With 250
Graphics You Can Use

Want your messages to stand out more?

Use these special Whatsapp graphics to make your customers sit up and take note. These graphics will help you create a special identity and make you look different from the crowd.

You will be able to bring more recognition for your business and your brand which will help you build more loyal customers that buy again and again from you.

Money Back Guarantee

Making up your mind is hard, especially when it’s a new technology that you haven’t tried yet. Well, we really want you to have the first mover’s advantage, and that’s why we are prepared to bear all the risk.

Here’s our guarantee!

Buy WhatDROID Elite, and use it for up to 30 days risk-free. If you don’t like what it does for you and your business, just us know within 30 days through a support ticket at https://teknikforce.com/support and we will refund you 100% of the money!

What You Get In WhatDROID - Recap

  • Powerful Whatsapp marketing software

  • Commercial license

  • Whatsapp number verification system

  • Support for formatting and emojis

  • Triggers for automatic responses

  • Deep analytics and reporting

  • Message scheduling and automation

  • Multiple accounts

  • Readymade messages for many niches

  • Support for multimedia content

  • Protection from account bans

  • Support for Groups

  • Collections Support

  • Personalization of messages

  • 1 Year Free Update

  • 24/7 Support

  • Whatsapp marketing training

  • Ready made whatsapp messages

Get Going On Messenger Marketing Before Your Competitors
Take Away The Early Advantage

Get Going On Messenger Marketing Before Your Competitors Take Away The Early Advantage

Get WhatDROID & Get Connected With Every Customer One To One

Elite Monthly Payment

Features Include:

  • Commercial Rights

  • 100 Messages Daily

  • Support for 500 Contacts

  • Single User

  • 100 Account Verifications per Day

  • 1 Whatsapp account

  • Up to 5 campaigns

Monthly Payment

Elite Yearly Payment

Features Include:

  • Unlimited Commercial Rights

  • 2000 Messages Daily

  • Support for 5000 Contacts

  • 2 Users

  • 1000 Account Verifications

  • 5 Whatsapp accounts

  • Up to 15 campaigns

  • Snippet Support

  • Personalization Support

Yearly Payment

  • Desktop Works on Windows PC Or on Mac With Parallels

  • Commercial rights (Limited time offer)

Need more campaigns, leads and mail-outs?

Buy & Upgrade Inside!

Support Guarantee

Bad support can destroy your investment and happiness. When you buy from Teknikforce you get the guarantee of good quality support.

  • 24 x 7 Live Chat Support Guarantee

    We have 24 x 7 chat support here. Yes, if you ever have any issues using WhatDROID Elite, just come to this website and talk to our live support agent. We are always here to guide you.

  • 24 Hours Ticket Response Guarantee

    When you open a ticket with us, you’ll get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

  • Live Assistance Guarantee

    Having trouble making something work? Our tech agents will help you on Skype and on Teamviewer / Ultraviewer to fix your problem.

  • 24 x 7 Live Chat Support Guarantee

    We have 24 x 7 chat support here. Yes, if you ever have any issues using WhatDROID Elite, just come to this website and talk to our live support agent. We are always here to guide you.

  • 24 Hours Ticket Response Guarantee

    When you open a ticket with us, you’ll get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

  • Live Assistance Guarantee

    Having trouble making something work? Our tech agents will help you on Skype and on Teamviewer / Ultraviewer to fix your problem.

Our Customers Love Our High-Value Products And WhatDROID Is No Exception

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I run this on a Mac?

This is a Windows app. It runs natively on Windows. To run it on a mac you need to run it on an emulator like Parallels.

Q. Will it endanger my account?

Not if you use it to replace organic marketing. It has in-built failsafes that help protect your account, but you can’t use it for spamming.

Q. Is automation legal?

Yes, automation using this method is legal. This is browser automation that uses a legitimate tool created by Whatsapp itself to do the marketing.

Q. How can I bring the leads to WhatDROID?

Any way you want. WhatDROID lets you import leads in CSV and you can import leads you collect by any means including LinkedIn, Google Local business etc.

Q. Can I sell this as a service?

Sure! Your commercial license authorizes you to do that.

Q. How many messages can I send in a day?

Up to 2000 messages. If you need more you will be able to upgrade to Pro inside and get unlimited.

Q. Will you give me good support?

Yes. We have 24/7 chat support and we take care of you because you are our business. We only want 100% satisfied customers. If you are not satisfied with our products or services you can use the 30 days refund guarantee.


30-Day guarantee protects your investment. If you don’t like the software, you can get your money back.


You need Whatsapp messenger marketing if you’re really serious about your business. That’s the most effective way to sell online.


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